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Navigation principles

An average family tree is quite extensive, and its extension increases exponentially with the number of generations. So it is quite possible that a casual visitor to the website would 'not be able to see the forest for the trees'. Ancestor tables (for explanation, see the diagram at the right) have the advantage of giving a bird's eye view, but do not allow to show the details of a family tree (e.g. remarried forefathers).

To combine these ancestor tables with the individual family trees, I preferred to guide the visitor through an overview of married couples. By clicking on the married couples in the global overview, the visitor then ends up at the extended family tree of that couple. Of course, in the web pages of the family trees the necessary links are provided to the previous and the future generations.

In the overview, the current generation is generation X. Generation X - 1 are the parents, generation X - 2 the grandparents, etc..




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