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Target audiences of these web pages

The purpose of this section of the site is to serve as a link to the family trees developed in the past (late 2007 - early 2008). Genealogy is a type of work that is never truly 'finished'. A family indeed evolves, especially into the future, but also towards the previous generations, as additional data is found. Thus, the first target group is the inner family circle.

The logical consequence of the evolution of a family is that it spreads over other family boundaries. So, members of the second target group are the 'in-laws' families. The term 'in-law' is perhaps not so well chosen. Indeed, the further you go back in time, the more 'related' families you discover.

Theoretically, this exploration does not stop, but practically speaking, of course it does. At some point the sources of information dry up. The family tree does not go any further back in time. Forward in time, everything gets more complicated. Children have grandchildren, etc.. Thus, the third target group are the children in the hope that they continue the work.

Finally, there is a fourth target audience: people who are engaged in genealogical research - professionally or as an amateur. I hope they get their money's worth.

Starting points of the editor

There are two things that I have tried to achieve during the writing of the family tree: a limited number of starting points of the family tree and completeness of information

The limited number of leads in the diagram of the family tree was deliberately done to stop the reader/surfer searching at random. The leads are the married couples of the ancestors. The links in the family trees are logical: previous and next generations. For more information about the entire familie of the married couples, one should be accessing the corresponding web page.

Completeness of information is a very delicate matter. The limitations of web space, funding and sources curtail the completeness. Yet attempts were made - however brief a times - to display the dates of birth and death and to show a representative image in a short curriculum vitae, in addition to the names.




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