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Welcome to the website

The story on this website contains five topics:

  • the family tree,
  • a blog page,
  • a gastronomy page,
  • some graphic designs and
  • a library.

Comments are always welcome at the email address below.

The family Bentein-Debaere

The family (two parents and their three children) was 'born and bred' in Ostend. By this choice – in fact the choice of our ancestors – we are citizens of a city that for an outsider has a seemingly insurmountable physical border: the North Sea. But for us the sea is rather an gateway to the rest of the world. Another municipality has fixed roads to neighboring towns, and those roads always lead to the same destination. That is not so for the sea. She is a wide waterway to any destination the traveler wants to reach. The sea is part of the life of every inhabitant of Ostend, even though we do not gaze at the sea from the dike every day, as many tourists do.

Website content

As I said before, your choice of residence is largely influenced by your ancestors – especially historically, when travel was not so evident as now. Knowing who they are, where they came from and what life they have lead is a fascinating quest. Much of this website is therefore dedicated to the genealogy of the family. Curious about the significance of the coat of arms at the top left? Click on the tab "Family".

The second section of the website contains an overview of the culinary traditions from the grandparents to the present generation. It also contains a link to a section of the website with recipes.

A third section of the website shows the graphic designs of Annelies Bentein. After completing her studies (at the end of school in June 2009), she can call herselve a professional graphic designer. Click on the tab "Graph" to see her work.

The fourth section is a blog with divers subjects. Click on the tab "Blog" to find out more.

The last section is a library of books I've read recently and which I thought were worth publishing a synopsis of. The synopsis was prepared in the same language as the original book.




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