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family coat of arms Bentein-Debaere

Welcome to the family Bentein-Debaere

The Latin logo 'Canicula non captat caridea' left under the coat of arms means: 'A shark does not catch shrimps.' It's a 'nautical' adaptation of the more famous Latin proverb 'Aquila non captat muscas.' (An eagle does not catch flies). In both cases, the underlying meaning is: I do not engage in futilities. Anyway, life is much too short for that.

What then is truly important in a man's life? Anwer: the rationale of a person, and directly linked to it his fellow men or family. After all, everyone has a father and mother, grandfathers and grandmothers, etc..

The main purpose of this website is to present the genealogy of the family Bentein-Debaere. It was launched in 2007, after a number of unexpected deaths and the doom of terminal illness of close relatives.

The Coat of Arms

The coat of arms above does not meet the requirements of the Flemish Heraldic Council (Decree of 3 February 1998). Still, I like to show it in this form, because it tells the story of the family.

The family was 'born and bred' in Ostend, hence the coat of arms of the City of Ostend in the upper left corner. The marital home is situated in the Lighthouse District (Vuurtorenwijk) of the city, hence the light house in the upper right corner. The surname of the father - Bentein - means 'descendant of Bent' (meaning: blessed, like the Lat.: Benedictus) - see etymology. The nickname - a name often given by Ostend inhabitants to each other, even in childhood - is 'benne'. A 'benne' in Ostend is a basket in which the fish was unloaded in older times from the ship and was transported in it to the fish market. Hence, a fish basket in the lower left corner. The surname of the mother - Debaere (see etymology) - also has a typically identical word in the dialect of Ostend, namely 'de baore', meaning 'the wave'. Hence, the waves in the lower right corner.




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