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Following websites are useful for the genealogist:

http://www.vrijwilligersrab.be - The database of certificates of West Flanders. On this site, you'll find an overview (in tabular form as on card) of the registers of certificates of West Flanders that have been entered into the database by volunteers from the National Archives in Bruges. For ancestor research, you can access the records of the Civil Registration Service and parish registers as sources of information.

http://www.familienaam.be - On this website you can check the geographical distribution of your family. Where do your namesakes live and how many are there?

http://www.verroken.be/genealogische%20symbolen.htm - On this page you will find an overview of the genealogical symbols and abbreviations.

http://www.familiekunde-vlaanderen.be - Alliance of Flemish Associations for Family Studies (non-profit association). This is the official website of the SVVF, the non-profit association that serves as an umbrella for the Flemish genealogical associations VVF and VCGH . It is the most comprehensive website that can help Flemish genealogists with the preparation of each family research. Besides a wealth of own databases, this website refers to external resources at home and abroad through thousands of links.

http://www.erfgoed.net/heraldiek/index.php?p=1 - Does your family have a coat of arms? Register of all the issued and accepted coats of arms of private persons and institutions by the Flemish Government, on advise from the Flemish Heraldic Council, as provided by the Decree of 3 February 1998.

Links to other families:

Website EVERAERT - STASSE - Link to in-laws.

Website HANCOCK - BOGAERT - Link to a distant family.




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