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Family tree HANCOCK

Family trees - history

Research for this family tree was done prior to 2010. It resulted from the separation of a side-branch of the family tree of the family Bentein-Debaere, which became unmanagable. The information was largely provided by Mrs. Denise Hancock - Bogaert when interviewed by the author in 2009. As in the original webpages of the family tree of the family Bentein-Debaere, the family trees of the married couples form the basis for searching trough the information. Hyperlinks between the generations provide for the necessary continuity.

Additional information and corrections were delivered by M. Ronald Hancock in 2010.


Generation 1 & 2

    Norman HANCOCK x Denise BOGAERT

Generation 2 & 3

    Arthur BOGAERT x Victorina ZEEBROEK

Generation 3 & 4

    Polydorus ZEEBROEK x Bertha VANDEWALLE




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